MSc Business & Management丽贝卡·奥图尔

Prior to starting the MSc I graduated with a degree in Chemical & Process 工程, during this course I completed a business and economics module, which I loved. This piqued my interest to take these studies further and so I began to research the best course and university to do this.


澳门永利是一个友好和温馨的地方,在这样一个充满活力和激情的城市总有一些事情的中心校园。你能想到的一切都只是几步之遥;公园,博物馆,商场,餐馆和夜生活都在你家门口。大学提供广泛的机会,你安顿下来,并有一个俱乐部或社团对大家有帮助。作为一个敏锐的曲棍球运动员,体育设施对我真的很重要 - 大学体育馆突出以及支持大学给出的学生运动员,它允许您与研究的平衡运动。

The MSc in Business & Management has exceeded my expectations so far – the broad scope of the course keeps it dynamic whilst the variety of teaching methods keep things interesting. The group work assessments have been particularly valuable. Working together with fellow students from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences has really enhanced my understanding of the true workplace environment, teamwork and communication. The Professional Management Practice class and Gallup strength test have been fundamental in my personal development by identifying my key strengths and helping me reach my full potential.


My advice for any student considering studying the MSc in Business & Management at Strathclyde is to absolutely go for it. This year I have learnt more about myself than I ever thought possible and feel I have been equipped with the knowledge, skills and experiences I need to pursue my career- all thanks to this course and the University of Strathclyde.